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Yoga & CO's top Denver Yoga Studios you need to check out!

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

Yoga & CO's top Denver Yoga Studios you need to check out!

Yoga & CO is a brand of andColorado, bringing content and apparel, focused specifically on the unique culture of Yoga in Colorado

In terms of yoga studios and classes, Denver has a lot of unique varieties to offer. From yoga practices aligned closely with Eastern philosophy, to studios that cater classes to the regular gym goer, there are

tons of places to explore and practice as you settle into your home studio or begin your yoga journey. Here is Yoga & CO's list of the top Denver studios you need to check out!



The River

This studio is brimming with a plethora of classes, from hot vinyasa to meditative practices, there is a class for any person and all bodies. The River's warm interior, complete with gorgeous hardwood floors and unique wooden accents, oozes a flow of nature the minute you step through the doors. They offer kids classes, adaptive classes, and classes accompanied with live music.

The classes promote an authentic and important connection between the mind and body, and each special class offers the yogi a beautiful, whole experience.


Check them out at weseektheriver.com

1212 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204



Kindness Yoga

This inclusive studio has multiple locations throughout the Denver area making it easy for anyone to drop into a class. Kindness extends a wonderful $30 for 30 days deal for new members. Additionally they offer pay what you want classes with suggested donations of $5-

$10. Yoga memberships can be expensive, but Kindness Yoga holds true to their value of bringing health and wellness to all members of the Colorado community regardless of one's background. The diverse class styles match the diverse yoga community at Kindness. They offer

hot yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa flow, and more. Furthermore, the accessibility of this studio makes it easy to try and experience all sorts of yoga styles. And if you take a class at the Cap Hill location, you can get a 15% discount coupon for the delicious, healthy vegan/vegetarian eatery,

City O' City downstairs!


Check them out at kindnesscollective.com

Multiple Locations




Samadhi has three locations throughout the Denver area, welcoming any and all. Upon entering the home location, off 19th Avenue, you immediately feel a sense of calm, breathing in the burning incense as you remove your shoes. The studio rooms have Sanskrit writings spread

across the walls and each teacher brings a distinctive aspect to their classes, from mindful meditation, to teachings aligned with astrology and Eastern medicine; if you are looking for an authentic yoga experience, look no further. Additionally, the reception area contains shelfs lined

with books about yoga, mindfulness, and health and wellness practices including herbalism, Reiki, and meditation. Samadhi also offers a 30 day for $30 new member deal along with classes like Yoga Nidra, Gentle Vinyasa and Forest Yoga.


Check them out at samadhiyoga.net

Multiple Locations



Karma Yoga Center

Upon entering Karma, you immediately feel a sense of spiritual grounding and healing lingering in the earnest, wooden studio space. The classes offered at Karma range from vinyasa flow to hatha yoga; however, all classes incorporate strong aspects of meditation connecting the mind,

body, and spirit when you show up on your mat. Karma provides additional healing practices, from massage and aromatherapy to crystal healing and chakra clearing. Across the street from Mayu Meditation center, before or after attending a peaceful class at Karma, you can take some time to meditate and flow deeper into connection with your mind and body.


Check them out at karmayogacenter.com

1705 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80209



Corepower Yoga

For the type of person who is looking to get a more intense, strength-based, sweaty workout, Corepower studio is the place for you. With multiple classes and locations across the Greater Denver area, Corepower hosts mainly heated classes focused on toning muscles, core

strengthening, and working up a sweat. Corepower has studios all over the country as well, and their classes pump up their patrons with lively music that ups the ante and brings the heat. Don't

worry; the studios have lovely bathrooms for that post class shower! If you are looking for a flowing, fitness type spin on yoga, this may be the studio for you!


Check them out at corepoweryoga.com

Multiple Locations


-Written by Julia Talen


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