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Why You Should Visit Kenosha Pass this Fall

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

Why You Should Visit Kenosha Pass this Fall

Kenosha Pass, long considered one of the best places in Colorado to see fall colors, should be at the top of your list for a fall hike.  Hiking among the Aspens will be a highlight of your trip and will pull you back year after year.  Situated along Highway 285 about 65 miles from Denver, there are a number of trails that will take you on an adventure. Here are five reasons why you should visit.

There’s Something for Everyone

Depending on your hiking ability, Kenosha Pass offers hiking for any ability level.  You will often find families with small children, serious backpackers or the occasional tourist.  Kenosha Pass intersects with a section of the famed Colorado trail, a 486-mile trail from Denver to Durango.  When hiking at Kenosha Pass you can either take the trail on the East or West side of the road and hike for as long as you want, it is an out and back trip. Or you can choose a few other smaller, less traveled trails found on the East side.   

The Views, Oh the Views!

The trails at Kenosha Pass offer views that will make your jaw drop.  Yep, it’s that beautiful.  Each trail offers a different view and you will not be disappointed.  One suggestion for keeping away from the crowds is take off on one of the smaller, lesser-known trails on the East side. 

You Can Bring Fido With You

For those of us who love to hike with our furry friends, we always want to know if a trail is dog-friendly.  The trails at Kenosha Pass allow dogs, however, they are required to be leashed at all times.  When you arrive you will find that Fido will find plenty of friends along the way as Kenosha Pass is a popular hiking trail for the four-legged.


The Aspens are Stunning

Who doesn’t love an Aspen Grove? During the fall Aspen groves at Kenosha Pass start their changing between mid to late September and go through mid-October.  Depending on the timing of your visit, you can view yellows, golds, deep oranges or even reds.  An Aspen forest is a canvas of colors that will stop you in your tracks. Suggestion, take a backpacking hammock and hang it in an Aspen grove for a refreshing nap.    

Wildlife in Abundance

Moose and other wildlife are a common sight near Kenosha Pass, most commonly seen on the West side of Hwy 285.  Spotting a Moose or other wildlife in the mountains is an incredible experience so be ready with your camera to capture those moments.  Remember that any wildlife you see is just that, wild.  Keep your distance and enjoy from afar.


-Andrea Palmer

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