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Why you MUST go to the High Plains Comedy Festival this weekend!

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

T.J. Miller

The High Plains Comedy Festival hosted by truTV is coming up this weekend from August 24-26th at venues across Denver. Here are the reasons this event rocks and you need to go!


  1. We are in the golden age of stand up comedy

Love or hate the current state of the country, you can't deny that comedians everywhere are having a field day with the divisive issues we hear about every day. Denver in particular is a unique place where the blue city meets the red suburbs making it a prime ground for blood boiling comedy.


  1. T.J. Miller is everything

If there's one set you have to see, it's T.J. Miller's. Not only is he beloved across the country for his work in high profile TV (Silicon Valley) and movie roles (Deadpool) but he is a Colorado native that always ups his game when performing in his hometown.


  1. The young talent will knock your socks off

I've been to plenty of stand-up shows and one thing I can tell you is that it's usually the lesser known comics that will blow you away. Whether is Sonya Eddy, Maria Thayer or Rory Scovel, exploring new talent can a lot of times end up with you finding your next favorite act.


  1. Support local talent

Don't miss out on Denver favorites like Adam Cayton-Holland and Sam Tallent. High Plains will have plenty of local performers so it's your civic duty to go out and give these peeps some love!


  1. Go to the open Mic's!

Badger's pub is hosting an open Mic night on Friday the 25th, that might end up being your favorite thing you did all weekend. Watch as up and coming comedians take part in the festivities while you be the judge.


Get your tickets at: http://www.highplainscomedyfestival.com/tickets/


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