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Top 5 Colorado ski trip life hacks you probably didn't know!

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

Top 5 Colorado ski trip life hacks you probably didn't know!

People in Colorado don't just love the snow, they pray for it. There's simply nothing like shredding down a glorious mountain on a beautiful powder day when conditions are optimal. But there's a catch; how often are conditions optimal? Better yet how often can you get to the mountain without getting into a fit of I-70 rage, avoiding traffic and lift lines? Well whether you’re traveling in from out of state to revel in the glory of our beautiful mountains or a local that's a seasoned pro at shredding some gnar; we have five tips that might help you out. 


  • Day trippers should avoid the morning rush and ski in the afternoon!


  • Hear me out. 1-70 traffic is a disaster from 6-10AM with traffic trying to get to the mountain for a day on the slopes. Be smart and avoid the heavy traffic by hitting 1-70 at 11AM when most of the traffic has subsided. Most resorts are open until 4 so that leaves you plenty of time to hit the afternoon runs when everyone else is tired out, eating lunch or drinking at the bar. Oh and your drive back at night will be smooth sailing while everyone else is at dinner or scurrying to their hotels.


  • YES you should make a new family tradition and go skiing on Christmas!


    Imagine you can sleep in, casually drive to your favorite resort with no traffic, enjoy a full day of empty mountain shredding, all with the backdrop of festive holiday cheer at your favorite ski resort. I don't even think I have to go on here; do whatever it takes to be in the mountains on Dec 25th.


  • Eldora ski resort is your friend!


    It's a known fact that tourism is huge during ski season and the major resorts can get quite crowded (I don't even dream of going to Breckenridge in Jan-Feb). But there are alternatives my friends. One of the lesser known gems is Eldora ski resort. Incredibly close to Bolder, with the luxury of being able to skip 1-70 traffic entirely; Eldora simply has a lot to offer. With a wide range of beginner to advanced runs, along with new faster lifts coming this year, it's simply one of the easiest places to get on the mountain for a day, and back home in time for football. The less crowded runs, cheaper tickets, and parking right next to the lifts will start to sound pretty good if you're stuck for hours on 1-70.

  • Closing days at each resort can mean free lift tickets for you!


    Of course buying a season pass is the way to go if you want to save money. But not everyone can afford that, or perhaps you are looking to experience some resorts that aren't part of the pass you have. Well one way to do that is to go to every closing day possible! What'll you find is that quite a few people buy packs of day passes for a particular resort and end up not using them all. So when you show up in the parking lot on closing day you literally might be bombarded with people trying to sell their extras for cheap or that might simply be giving them away.


  • Plan your ski trips in late March or early April!


    Forget the common trend of taking your annual ski trip in January or February. It can be blistering cold, crowded and expensive on the mountain. All of that can be avoided by simply pushing your dates back a few weeks when the crowds have died and that Colorado sun has you gliding down the mountain in a blissful 40 degrees. Ever wanted to fly down a mountain in a bathing suit? Oh yeah it's quite common. And not only that, lift tickets will sometimes be half the cost with resorts winding down for the season.


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