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Tales of a Colorado Animal Whisperer

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

Tales of a Colorado Animal Whisperer

Have you ever spoon fed a baby toad live mealworms? Fed a butterfly with your bare hands? Held a wounded bird in your cupped hands to help keep it safe from hurting itself due to a broken wing?

My family thinks I’m some sort of an animal whisperer as I wholeheartedly dedicate my time to providing “live” food to a jumping spider or a baby toad as I suit up for my daily excursions on the hunt for flies, moths, spiders to ensure my houseguests were fed and sheltered.

There are too many precious encounters to share, although I will admit over the past 10 years of living in Colorado, this has become a reoccurring adventure. This past summer a pair of hawks decided to make their nest in a pine tree behind our house and one of their fledglings fell out of the nest. As my dog barked and wagged her tail thinking how exciting it would be to play with a new friend, this poor little creature stood there crying out for its Mama. My first instinct was to call animal control, however, I knew they would think I was crazy calling about a stranded bird, so I knelt down and quietly watched this little bird.

Having respect for nature and wildlife, I knew I needed to stay my distance, but my excitement continued over the next several weeks. I crawled in a stealth-like way through weeds and grass just wanting to catch a closer glimpse (or rather a picture for proof of how close I was able to get to it) of this fledgling taking a bath in our neighbor’s water fountain.

These brief encounters with my furry, feathered, reptilian friends continuously reassure me of the importance of living in the moment, providing me with inner peace and solace in this stressful life. Stay tuned for more stories from the self-proclaimed animal whisperer!

By: Laverne Poturalski


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