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National Parks impacted hard by government shutdown

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

National Parks impacted hard by government shutdown

With the current government shutdown continuing on it's third week into 2019, the wide ranging impacts are starting to take effect. National Parks have been affected across the country as unstaffed and unmaintained parks are leading to really big problems. Without the much needed funding, the National Park Service can’t afford services like visitors centers or road services like plowing and trash collections.

While many parks, including Rocky Mountain National Park, are effectively closed due to the shutdown, technically they are still accessible to the public. But without oversight to trail heads, and basic facilities, parks are seeing litter overflow, piles of trash, traffic jams, and let's not even mention what closed toilet facilities lead to. Unfortunately a lack of oversight can also lead to the worst of people to take advantage. Off road vehicles damaging resources and in general a lack of trail stewardship due to parks not being patrolled with rangers. Some areas of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks were closed due to these issues that are now posing a threat to wildlife. 

Let's hope Congress can get to work on a solution to help our federal employees get paid, and get our national parks back in order! 

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