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How to rock a non-traditional wedding, Colorado style

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

How to rock a non-traditional wedding, Colorado style

When it comes to weddings we've seen them all, and for the most part they can become very familiar. From the typical church ceremony, to the boring food and obligatory DJ. At a certain point it can become a wedding crashers montage.

But what if you are inspired to do something outside of the box, that bucks the normal traditions? Well living in Colorado you have plenty of options to give the event a taste of your own personality. From the various location options of the mountains, to red rocks and even a downtown Denver city vibe. We had such an opportunity to capture a non-traditional wedding inspired by the unique spirit of Colorado, and let's just say it was a hit. We took the mountain/brewery theme and matched it with a festival atmosphere to create something completely unique. 

great divide brewing


The venue was chosen based on a couple of things. There wasn't going to be a traditional church ceremony, so the location needed to be a place that could serve as a space for all of the festivities of the evening. From photo ops, to a short ceremony, food and dancing. And not only that but the space needed to bring a unique Colorado/outdoorsy feel that represented our interests.

That's where we found the perfect location. Great Divide Brewing is well known as being one of the most popular breweries in the area and when we discovered their bottling plant event space, it was almost too perfect.

An industrial look, with brewery vibes that complemented our vision and checked off every box for versatility in what it could offer. From brewery photo-ops, fantastic beer selections, easy access for food vendors and a fantastic staging area, it hit the mark. great divide bottling space


The first thing that jumped to our mind when planning a wedding was that we couldn't play it safe on the food menu. Keeping it fresh and unique was key and one way to do that was to lean in the brewery and festival theme by including local food trucks. This helped establish a light hearted tone, kept in line with the fun theme, and got people out of their comfort zone by providing them with a unique experience.

mountain crust pizza food truck

Mountain Crust Pizza was chosen to cater the entire event which paired nicely with the brewery theme. Having plenty of experience at these events, they were able to provide an appealing truck setup, outstanding pizza that got rave reviews, and also were able to serve a large party in a quick timeframe, which was key.

For dessert we had The Cupcake Gypsies come in to provide a change-up from the traditional wedding cake. Providing a fun setup, a variety of delicious choices, and speedy delivery, they were the perfect choice.

cupcake gypsy's


Great Divide provided a perfect brewery/industrial vibe with included farm tables, string lighting and band staging. To complement this we recruited our friends at Last Chair Customs to come in and put the decorations over the top. Having been familiar with their work at events such as "Grandoozy", where they had constructed an entire 80's ski lounge, we were confident they could come in and turn the event from just a wedding to an "experience".

last chair customs gondola rental

Last Chair specializes in procuring decommissioned ski chairs, refurbishing them and repurposing them for use at events. And they even were able to provide an old Gondola chair that was a huge hit as an attention grabber and photo op. They also provided accompanying decorations including ski/snowboard chairs, backdrops, and benches that fit the festival theme to a tee.

 wedding ski chair rental

Did you have a non-traditional wedding? Let us know in the comments what made it special and what you recommend!



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