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Four Colorado Based Bloggers to Check Out

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

Four Colorado Based Bloggers to Check Out

More and more people are writing and taking pictures to craft blogs about a variety of topics, and Colorado is no exception. These Colorado-based bloggers cover a wide scope of interests, from tasty treats baked at 5,280 feet, to Colorado and world-wide travel and adventure, and the booming food scene sweeping the state. Check out these enthusiastic, artistic, and knowledgeable bloggers to learn more about life in the Centennial State.

Blue Mountain Belle

Blue Mountain Belle

I’m Channing Morris, a Denver-based travel and lifestyle blogger who strives to turn every weekend into a vacation. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, I’m a proud southern belle who loves adventure, fashion, and of course, cheese! Follow me as I zigzag the country to see my favorite bands, climb mountains and enjoy cheese plates in places you didn't think possible. http://bluemountainbelle.com/

Dough Eyed

dough eyed

I’m Nicole! I have been baking in the high altitude climate of Colorado since childhood. On my blog, Dougheyed.com, you can find recipes for treats, sweet and savory alike, that will actually work at altitude, along with tips and tricks to help you out. Some of my favorites include Cheddar Herb Biscuits, Cinnamon rolls, and Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake! Look out for my upcoming book this fall, "Sugar High," with even more high altitude baking recipes. https://www.dougheyed.com/

Climbing Grier Mountain

climbing grier mountain

My name is Lauren and I’m a cookbook author, recipe developer, action-adventure seeker, photography lover, and world traveler. On Climbing Grier Mountain, I share unique recipes, travel experiences, and local recommendations from my home in Denver, Colorado. My style is all about “embracing curiosity” and I allow my kitchen to be my playground when creating recipes such as Spiced North African Harissa Lamb Tacos, Buttermilk Pancakes with Chocolate Truffle Syrup, or Shrimp & Grit Naan Pizzas. My recipes are fresh, flavorful, and adventurous just like Colorado. https://www.climbinggriermountain.com/

Rocky Mountain Food Report

rocky mountain food report

Rocky Mountain Food Report focuses on the burgeoning craft food and beverage scene across Colorado. We strive to highlight local businesses, products, culinary talent and events that adds to the growing gastro-culture in the region. My journalism background includes working for E! Entertainment in London, and writing independent film reviews in New York, before integrating my other great passions, eating and drinking. After switching coasts I began working at Del Dotto Vineyards, a boutique winery in Napa and St. Helena, California, where I continued to further my culinary and beverage education. In 2015 we put down roots in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I transitioned into the craft brewery world and began to see the untapped potential of the area. I started freelancing for local publications and joined the team at RMFR in 2016 hoping to shine a light on Colorado’s food and beverage culture and tell the stories of those individuals behind the progress. I’ve gone forward to serve as a judge for culinary and cocktail competitions and as a culinary expert for USA Today and on FOX News. RMFR strives to bring our readership the most up to date and thorough information that can advance the craft movement and bring Coloradans together to eat and drink the very best. http://rockymountainfoodreport.com/

Written by: Julia Talen


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