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Can Fido Come? 5 Things to Consider Before Adventuring With Your Dog

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

Can Fido Come? 5 Things to Consider Before Adventuring With Your Dog

It’s no secret that the Colorado lifestyle has a strong and prominent place for man’s best friend. But just because Fido can come along for the adventure, doesn’t always mean that he should.

Here are a few things to consider before bringing your dog along for the trip:

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  • What will the temperature and climate be like?

  • This may seem obvious, but it's more than just a question of whether you should or shouldn’t pack Fido’s coat.

    In the peak of the dry, summer months, hit the trails in the early morning.

    Your pup may be able to withstand the open heat and dry, hot sun, but too strenuous of a hike in this climate can cause dangerous overheating and over exhaustion. Be careful!

    If you prefer a snowy, winter trip, consider Fido’s paws. This is where he feels sensitivity and cold.

    Don’t skip out on boots, or a protective wax coating. He’ll thank you for sparing him cracked, painful paws. Pro tip: apply Bag Balm after the journey.

    Is Fido physically prepared for the adventure?

    Just like us, a strenuous trip for the pup can be physically exhausting and Fido can be stretched beyond his limits too.

    Don’t fear asking your dog to come along for the bigger adventures. Just don’t expect a 14’er the first hike of the season. The key to a successful trip is to keep Fido trained and in shape, just like you! Get out early in the season to increase trips in length, vertical distance, and difficulty. Plus, Fido can always benefit from a little extra practice of his trail etiquette.

    What gear will Fido need?

    Whether you carry Fido’s pack, or he’s fully self-sufficient in his own pack, consider adding a few extra items to your “must have” backpack essentials when your four-legged friend joins.

    Consider the basics: do you have a first aid kit with dog-friendly supplies?

    Will there be access to water or should you pack extra? Did you remember food (and hopefully some treats) to keep him fueled? And of course, bags for Fido’s messes and a spot to tie them to carry out.

    Then, think about what your trip will entail.

    Can Fido walk off leash where you’re headed? If so, make sure he’s wearing a proper tag (following trail rules and guidelines) with your contact information. Do you need extra leashes for the type of walking or climbing you’re doing?

    There’s nothing quite like exploring the great outdoors with man’s best friend, but we owe it to Fido make his outdoor experiences a positive one.

    And as with any adventure, being prepared for Fido helps you make the most of your trip together.

    -Mara Willemin


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