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Apparel with an Impact - Made from recycled plastic bottles

Posted by Scott Sajowitz on

Apparel with an Impact - Made from recycled plastic bottles

Plastic is the Enemy.

It’s as simple as that. The numbers can be shocking, over 300 Million Metric tons of plastic are produced every year. Non-biodegradable plastic even makes up over 90% of trash on the ocean surface. 

plastic bottle pollution

But we’re here to change the conversation, which is why we are using a unique process that eliminates 6 plastic bottles per piece of apparel we make. That’s right, it’s as simple as “Process, Spin, Create”. We source plastic bottles from landfills, PROCESS them into a unique resin, SPIN it with a combination of poly/cotton, and CREATE  an ultra soft fabric that is also the standard in eco-friendly apparel. 


apparel made from recycled plastic

And we're proud to say that our factory is Fair Trade Certified, ensuring quality conditions and a legal wage. We're on a mission to disrupt the standards in apparel manufacturing and prove that there's a better way.

We love hearing from our customers how impressed they are with the softness of the fabric, which feels like a traditional tri-blend fabric. We are dedicated to always being at the forefront of using sustainable materials and creating unique products with them that never compromise on style. 

So join the #MindtheWild movement, and help us make an impact for the environment.

apparel made with recycled plastic eco friendly apparel made from plastic

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