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December 04, 2017

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1. kapow0416
rocky mountain national park

"Day two, or whatever that middle space is for your own process, is when you're "in the dark"- the door has closed behind you. You're too far in to turn around, and not close enough to the end to see the light." Some days my eyes can easily adjust to the darkness. And some days they can't. Damn you middle space.

2. clay442o

Devil's backbone sunset colorado

//- Calico Sky -\\....

Every sky is unique 
Just like all of us 
The possibilities are endless 
Be a sky!

3. lukewagnerphoto

Wellington Colorado sunset

We've all seen a sunset, but have you ever seen a moonset?

This weekend we had a super moon, which was due to set just before sunrise on Saturday. I got out into the middle of nowhere around 4 a.m. to watch the moon go down, as I was hoping to catch some very strange light. I wasn't disappointed. The light that occurred wasn't just strange, it was eerie. The few wispy clouds really helped capture the moon's glow.

I did a little bit of light painting on the foreground, which ended up adding to the overall weird mood of the scene. I hope you enjoy it.

4. wander_woman74

Golden Colorado sunset

Have a good evening friends! Hope you all got a chance to get outdoors & enjoy this beautiful day.😍💫❤


5. blairpippinphoto

Blue Lake Trail Colorado 

Summer mornings in the #rockymountains #bluelakes

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