Cherry Creek Trail Clean-up Volunteer Event - June 3rd

May 25, 2018


Join us as we cleanup the Cherry Creek & South Platte River Trail! We are working with Denver Parks & Recreation to put on a fun event where you can make an impact and have fun doing it. We'll have plenty of Wild & CO swag to giveaway and some apparel you can purchase at discounts. And be sure to wear any of your Wild & CO apparel as we'll be shooting lots of photos for our social accounts and website!

Wild & CO is committed to making a positive impact on the trails and mountains that we love. We are partnering with Leave No Trace and Forest Departments across the state to find the most endangered areas that are in desperate need of volunteers to help clean up trails and high populated areas. Our goal is to raise awareness, make a difference, and to empower everyone to have a way to give back.

Wild & CO takes proceeds from all apparel sales to fund trail-cleanup events. These funds help us organize and provide resources needed to make these events great. So come join us, meet some new friends, have some fun and make a positive impact on your environment.

Click here to sign up!

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